Bachelor of Technology in Quantity Surveying

- Faculty of Industrial Technology -
Fostering the higher national and international demand in the quantity surveying industry while edifying best solution in the educational sector
(This programme is offered as a weekday programme and a weekend programme for NVQ students. G.C.E. (A/L) students will be enrolled only for weekday programme and only if vacancies are available after giving the opportunity for NVQ Students.)

The Quantity Surveyor is a highly acclaimed professional in the construction industry, as a well-qualified and well-experienced Quantity Surveyor plays an indispensable role in the field at a higher demanded carrier, both at local and international arena. A Quantity Surveyor provide a range of services including cost advice and forecasting, contractual advice, cost control, financial management of construction projects, contract procurement, and property development from inception to completion to the industry.

The Bachelor of Technology degree in Quantity Surveying offered by University of Vocational Technology aims to qualify competent graduates, who are practicing as qualified Quantity Surveyors in the construction industry, while providing opportunities them to achieve professional advancement through the acquisition of higher academic qualifications.

Accepted NVQ 5 Qualifications (Module Exemptions Granted)
  • Quantity Surveying

Accepted NVQ 6 Qualifications (Module Exemptions Granted)
  • Quantity Surveying

Accepted NVQ 5 Equivalent Qualifications (Module Exemptions Granted)

  • National Diploma in Quantity Surveying  in Quantity Surveying  by National Institute of Technical Education Sri Lanka (NITESL)  
  • Higher National Diploma in Quantity Surveying  in Quantity Surveying  by IQSSL College of Quantity Surveying (Guarantee) Ltd  

Accepted NVQ 6 Equivalent Qualifications (Module Exemptions Granted)

  • Higher National Diploma in Quantity Surveying  in Quantity Surveying  by Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education (SLIATE)

  • Engineering Technology or Physical Science
Semester 1
Advanced Building Construction Technology
Advanced Building Measurement
Civil Engineering Construction Technology
Communication Skills
Drawing and Design Appreciation
Fundamentals of Management
Semester 2
Building Materials and Maintenance Management
Business Statistics
Civil Engineering Measurement
Construction Law
Economics I
Information Technology I
Standard Forms of Contract
Semester 3
Building Services Technology I
Cost Planning and Estimating
Information Technology II
Price Analysis
Specification Writing
Tender Procedure
Semester 4
Building Services Technology II
Commercial Management I
Construction Accounting
Contract Administration
Professional Communication
Project Management
Project Planning and Scheduling
Research Methods
Strategic Procurement
Semester 5
Industrial/Work-Based Training
Semester 6
Building Services Measurement
Construction Claims
Construction Risk Management
Development Appraisal
Economics II
Ethics and Professional Practice
Entrepreneurship Development
Final Year Project
Modern Construction Economics
Occupational Health and Safety
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