Bachelor of Technology in Film & Television Production Technology

- Faculty of Industrial Technology -
Let us write your story behind the screen. ‘An invitation from the pioneer in film and Television Education in Sri Lanka
(This programme is offered as a weekend programme for NVQ students. G.C.E. (A/L) students will be enrolled only if vacancies are available after giving the opportunity for NVQ Students.)

The Bachelor of Technology in Film and Television Production Technology degree in Sri Lanka addresses the growing demand for skilled professionals in the dynamic film and television industries.

This program combines essential elements such as producing, screenwriting, audio-visual technology, and production planning and management to equip students with the practical skills and knowledge required to excel in the field. With a strong emphasis on hands-on training and creative problem-solving, this degree program is designed to nurture a new generation of specialists in the fields of Film and Television who can contribute effectively to the evolving creative industry landscape in Sri Lanka and beyond.

Accepted NVQ 5 Qualifications
  • Electronic Technology  
  • Information and Communication Technology  
  • Journalism and Technology  
  • Print And Graphic Art Technology  
  • Television Post-Production Technology  
  • Television Program Production Technology

Accepted NVQ 6 Qualifications  

  • Electronic Technology  
  • Information and Communication Technology  
  • Television Post-Production Technology  (One year exemption granted)
  • Television Program Production Technology (One year exemption granted)

Accepted NVQ 6 Equivalent Qualifications  

  • Relevent Diploma with atleast one (01) year of study awarded by a recognized state owned organization in Film and Television by Sri Lanka Foundation, National Film Corporation, Sri Lanka Photographic Art Society, Sri Lanka Media Training Institute, Sri Lanka Institute of Printing  
  • Relevent one (01) year Diploma/ one (01) year diploma with relevent subject areas in Film and Television/ Screen Production Technology by State-owned Institutions

  • Any A/L Stream
Semester 1
Film Language and Aesthetics
Technologies in Audio Visual Media
Elements of Art and Design
Introduction to Screen Production
Audio Visual Product Development for Screen Media
Sound Design Technology and Techniques for Screen Media
Production Design – I
Mathematics for Film and Television Technology
Communication Skills I
Semester 2
Fundamentals of Screenwriting
Technologies in Broadcasting
Screen Production Planning Methods
Understanding Direction & Director
Advance Sound Design Technology and Techniques for Screen Media
Aesthetic and Advanced Techniques of Editing
Aspects of 2D Animation and Motion Graphics
Communication Skills II
Semester 3
History of Film and Television
TV and Online Journalism
New Media Technology and Techniques
Aesthetic of Lighting
Digital Technologies in Screen Media
Art of Screenwriting
Production Design – II
Color Grading Techniques
3D Animation in Post-Production
Semester 4
Genres in Film and Television
Project Management in Media
Aspects of Post-production Process
Theorizing of Documentary
Visual Effects (VFX)
Individual Project in Screenwriting
Production Aspects and Techniques
Research for Screen Media
Entrepreneurship Development in Film and Television Trade
Semester 5
Work Based /Industrial Training
Final Project part I - Proposal
Semester 6
Multi-camera Production Aspects
Avant- Garde and Popular Cinema and Television
Screen Theory and Criticism
Media Marketing and Advertising
Occupational Health and Safety in Film and Television Industry
Mini Project - Group (Editing | VFX | Cinematography | Sound)
Final project part II – graduate fiction
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