Bachelor of Technology in Food Process Technology

- Faculty of Industrial Technology -
Shaping the Future of Food with Technology and Technopreneurs
(This programme is offered as a weekday programme and a weekend programme for NVQ students. G.C.E. (A/L) students will be enrolled only for weekday programme and only if vacancies are available after giving the opportunity for NVQ Students.)

Bachelor of Technology in Food Process Technology degree is intended to meet the evolving demands of the food industry by emphasizing safety, quality, innovation, and sustainability. It provides graduates with the information and skills necessary to meet the challenges and possibilities that exist in this essential industry, thereby contributing to the advancement of safe, nutritious, and sustainable food products.

Accepted NVQ 5 Qualifications
  • Agricultural Production Technology  
  • Food Technology  
  • Livestock Production Technology  
  • Post - Harvest Technology  
  • Sea Food Technology

Accepted NVQ 6 Qualifications 
  • Agricultural Production Technology  
  • Food Technology  (Module exemptions Granted)
  • Livestock Production Technology  
  • Sea Food Technology (Module exemptions Granted)

Accepted NVQ 5 Equivalent Qualifications 
  • Diploma in Food Quality Management in Food Technology by Sri Lanka Standard Institute (SLSI)  
  • Diploma in Laboratory Technology in Chemistry in Food Technology by College of Chemical Sciences, Institute of Chemistry Ceylon  
  • National  Diploma in Public Health in Food Technology by Department of Health, Ministry of Health , Nutrition and Indigenous medicine  
  • Diploma in Animal Husbandry and Livestock in Food Technology by Department of Animal Production and Health  

Accepted NVQ 6 Equivalent Qualifications 

  • Higher National Diploma in Food Technology in Food Technology by Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education (SLIATE) (One year exemption granted)
  • Bio-Systems Technology or Biological Sciences
Semester 1
Mathematics for Food Technology
General Science for Food Technology
Intr. to Raw & Processed foods (Assignment based)
ICT for Food Technology
Fundamentals of Human Nutrition
Practical-I (Chemistry I)
English for Scientific Communication I
Introduction to Management
Basic Microbiology
Semester 2
Post-harvest Science & Tech.
General Biochemistry
Food Processing Technology Fundamentals
Intr. to Statistical Methods
Introduction to Food Physics
Advanced Human Nutrition and Dietetics
Purposive Communication in Food research
Accounting and financial Management
Raw Materials used in Food Processing
Practical-II (Chemistry II)
Semester 3
Principles of Food Engineering
Food Chemistry
Food Analysis
Food Quality Assurance
Food Safety and Regulations
Food Microbiology
Food Packaging and labelling
ICT Applications in Food Industry
Food Preservation
Practical-III (Food Microbiology | Food Hygiene and Food Safety)
Semester 4
Food Engineering
Principles of Product Development
Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods (E)
Introduction to Internet of Things (E)
Marketing Management in Food industry
Organic Food Production
Introduction to Extrusion Technology
Introduction to Entrepreneurship Development
Food Biotechnology
Practical-IV (Food Engineering | Product Technology and Food Analysis)
Semester 5
Grain | Nuts & Oil seed Product technology
Fruits and Vegetable Product technology
Fish and Meat Product technology
Dairy Product Technology
Spice and Herbal Product Technology
Sensory Evaluation
Practical-V (Product Technologies and Food Analysis)
Food Ingredient Functionality
Fermentation Technology
Confectionery Technology (E)
Bakery and Pastry Products Technology (E)
Culinary Technologies (E)
Kitchen Operations and management (E)
Food and Beverage Service Management (E)
Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic Beverages technology (E)
Semester 6
Industry Based Project
Work Based /Industrial Training
Project Management in Food Industries
Waste Management in Food Industries
Product and Process Design
Research Methods and Experimental design I
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