Bachelor of Education in English Language Teaching

- Faculty of Education -
Let's learn to teach English: A key to unlock a brilliant future  
(This programme is offered as a weekday programme and a weekend programme for NVQ students. G.C.E. (A/L) students will be enrolled only for weekday programme and only if vacancies are available after giving the opportunity for NVQ Students.)

B.Ed in ELT degree offered by University of Vocational Technology caters to individuals aspiring to be teachers and also grooms teachers who are already in practice to better cater to the field of education in Sri Lanka. The individuals are groomed to cater to the needs of both education and vocational sector institutions. With an ELT degree, one can soar the skies.

Accepted NVQ 5 Qualifications
  • English and Education  
  • Teaching English as a Second Language (One year exemption granted)

Accepted NVQ 6 Equivalent Qualifications  (One year exemption granted)

  • National Diploma in English in English Language by National Institute  of Education (NIE) - Colleges of Education  
  • National Diploma in Teacher Training (ELT) in English Language by National Institute of Technical Education Sri Lanka (NITESL)  
  • English Specialist Trained Teacher’s Certificate in English Language by Teacher Training Schools, Ministry of Education  
  • Higher National Diploma in English in English by Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education (SLIATE)
  • “S” pass for A/L English or “A” pass for A/L General English in any subject-stream
Semester 1
Introduction to Practical Criticism
ELT Approaches and Methods
Introduction to English Language
Business and Professional Communication Skills
Advanced Communication
Structure of English I
Philosophical and Sociological Base of Education
Principles of Education
Semester 2
Introduction to Linguistics I
Teaching Listening and Speaking
Structure of English II
Introduction to English Literature
Fundamentals of ICT
Educational Psychology
Simple Instructional Media
Semester 3
Structure of English III
Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)
Advanced Reading and Writing
Assessment of Learning I
Teaching Learning Methods (General) – I
Micro-Teaching – I
Semester 4
Teaching Reading and Writing
Structure of English IV
Introduction to Linguistics II
Assessment of Learning II
Teaching Learning Methods (Special) - II
Micro Teaching – II
Advanced Instructional Media
Semester 5
English for Specific Purposes
Applied Linguistics
Language Testing and Evaluation
Career Guidance and Career Counselling
Professional Development
Research Methods in ELT
Semester 6
Literature in the Language Classroom
Curriculum Development
Implementation and Evaluation
Educational Management
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