Bachelor of Engineering Technology - Construction Technology & Resource Management

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(This programme is offered as a weekday programme and a weekend programme for NVQ students. G.C.E. (A/L) students will be enrolled only for weekday programme and only if vacancies are available after giving the opportunity for NVQ Students.)

In Sri Lankan construction industry gap exists between middle level technologically qualified personnel (middle level technicians) and graduates in Civil Engineering. Aim of this degree programme is to fulfill this gap. Graduates of the proposed degree need to be equipped with both theoretical and practical competencies required to manage construction sites which involves a multitude of stakeholders and resources.

This programme has been designed aiming at national needs while giving due consideration to global trends and practices in conjunction with construction industry personnel, professional bodies together with the academia in civil engineering and allied fields to ensure that their marketability both locally and internationally.

It covers the following aspects:

  • Contract Administration 
  • Construction Law and Claim Management 
  • Building Economics 
  • Pre and Post Contract Management 
  • Measurements 
  • Micro tunneling
  • Tall and deep construction - Installation and use of tower cranes, complex shoring work, etc. 
  • Challenges in basement construction in restricted areas, Vertical transportation modes of material in high rise construction
  • Construction failures and temporary work failures and remedial methods
  • Landslide mitigation techniques and flood protection methodologies 
  • Alternative material - novel solutions to scarcity

From this year onwards, NVQ 5 holders will get a full year exempted (duration you have to spend is REDUCED BY 1 YEAR, while NVQ 6 holders will get three semesters exempted.

Accepted NVQ 5 Qualifications (One year exemption granted)
  • Building Construction Technology  
  • Construction Technology
Accepted NVQ 6 Qualifications (Three semesters exempted)
  • Building Construction Technology  
  • Construction Technology  
  • Irrigation Technology
Accepted NVQ 6 Equivalent Qualifications (Three semesters exempted)
  • National Diploma in Engineering Science in Civil Engineering by Institute of Engineering Technology, Katunayake  
  • National Diploma in Technology in Civil Engineering by Institute of Technology, University of Moratuwa  
  • Higher National Diploma in Engineering in Civil Engineering by Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education (SLIATE)
  • Engineering Technology or Physical Science
Semester 1
Mathematics for Construction Technology I
Building Construction with draftsmanship
Fluid Mechanics
Communication Skills for Engineers
Construction Materials
Surveying and levelling I
Semester 2
Structural Mechanics
Construction Technology I
Hydraulics and Hydrology
Soil Mechanics and Geology I
Workshop Technology
Elementary Quantity Surveying
Industry Exposure
Semester 3
Environmental Engineering
Structural Analysis
Mathematics for Construction Technology II
Estimating and Tendering in Construction
Applied Electricity
Water resources Engineering
Construction Planning and Management
Semester 4
Concept Design of Projects and Research Methodology
Highway Engineering
Construction Technology II
Soil Mechanics and Geology II
Design of Structural Elements
Surveying and levelling II
Building Services
Semester 5
Work Based Training
Survey camp
Project Proposal Formulation
Semester 6
Capstone Project
Project Management
Application of Architecture and landscaping
Construction Economics and Accounting
Construction Law and Professional Ethics
Highrise Buildings (E)
Water Resources and Coastal Infrastructure (E)
Highway and railway infrastructure (E)
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